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There are two ways of shipping your personal effects and house hold goods.

Sole use container:

This type of removal is a straight forward removal between your two homes. If possible the container will be loaded at your origin address and shipped straight away to your final destination where a trained removal team will off load and help you set up again, our you have the option to load and unload your self This option could also be we could delivery a container to you home, drop to ground level, and you can load your self at your own pace. The container size which is most frequently used is a 20 our 40ft container.

Groupage containers:

“Groupage shipment“, is where we would combine your goods with some of our other customers' goods that will be going to the same destination. It is ideal for when you only want to send a few bits and don’t want to pay the full cost of sending a container which you can't fill. We can collected from your address and deliver, or you could deliver into one of our partners' warehouse.

Packing List / Inventory:

In order to clear your cargo at the port of entry, packing lists are required by Customs. Also it’s a good to keep for your own use. Click Here


We can quote you insurance. But check with your home provider insurance first as some companies have this included in your insurance policy without you knowing.

Space Calculator

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